The Future

The most haunting spectre in existence must be the future. Either it's a ghoulish nightmare or a cherub-sweet dream, for you see, it's all up to you.

In this world there are no impoverished people or people of riches, metaphorically speaking. All our possessions and our belongings, our ties and connections, our livelines and our anchors are fickle and can just as well disappear in the blink of an eye.
The only riches one can truly have is the notion that in this world one is alone and to have a stable self to rely on.

We should cherish the moment, for possibly within the moment lies that eternal memory of something sweet. There are also such memories which one is not particularly proud of and they are just as important. Lessons to be learned.

The question one faces each and every passing moment is how to assess the situation, what to make of it, how to react and the whether we're capable and willng to face the consequences.
One can let go and let inhibitions run away like cows in the springtime and let the devil take tomorrow or one can try to change the world according to ones will, using intellect and come what may. The only thing that's certain is that eventual causality can be a total and utter bitch sometimes.

There have never been masters of life. Claiming that anyone is, is belittling to the rest of us. All relatively free people strut the same the path of life dancing to the beat of our own drums in some way or the other, we just can't keep rythm the whole time.
Life is a harsh mistress and to follow her one must improvise. Improvisation needs skill and originality, assessment of situations and tact are key here. Nobodies song is the same. We can tune our strings and refine our rythms, if we're willing to work at it, or we can fiddle a solo, it all comes to the same, nobody has exactly the same life and, for a lack of better word, destiny than you.
If you are in control of yourself and therfore your eventual causality you should be able to stroke the right strings at appropriate moments, but you'll never master the life of another, this goes without saying.

If you can not master the life of another, why should you allow anyone to master you, apart from whomever you voluntarily choose?
It has to be said that preferrably you'll govern yourself and in time play an outstanding melody to be heard through the aural torniquet of the surrounding noises, if not, whom are you really trying to fool?

Cherish the moment. Enjoy every note you can. The tune may be over tomorrow. Try and harmonize with someone, try and find your own rythm, stand out, yet fit beautifully, like a lock around the very key.

I hope I'm making my point unclearly.