Professional info

On the 18th of November 2002, Einar Maack and his friend Árni Hjartarson met up to make some experimental music, mixing Einars guitar stylings with Árnis computer music. Later on the same night they found out that James Coburn had passed away and hence the group Coburn was born.

In the years to follow more members would join and others would leave. Coburn went from starting as electronica-post-jazz through several style experiments, including (but not exclusively) post-rock, post-prog, prog, metal, post-punk and fusions thereof until the band changed their style and name in 2007, becoming "The Stoned Harlots".

This video recording is of a live performance of the last incarnation of the group with, Einar Maack on guitar and vocals, Guðjón "Zatan" Guðjónsson on drums and Ragnar Elías Ólafsson on bass, playing one of Einars quirky songs "Stephen Hawking - Kung Fu Fighta".